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Quotes It has been about 18 months since I met dear Jennifer in the public library of San Ramon, CA. I was new to the US and I had a lot to do in order to resume my job as a dentist. My inability to speak English smoothly was frustrating. I was lucky to be introduced to Jennifer by one of her former students. She has taken me from struggling with daily conversation to the point that I can confidently talk and understand both in academic and general situations. She is a very kind, patient, and knowledgeable native speaker. Her teaching methods are excellent. She conducts different kinds of classes based on the level and needs of her students. I greatly enjoyed working with her. I learned many intangible skills through my experience with her as well. I also like the fact that she is flexible with her schedule. She also offers online sessions through Skype or chat whenever you are not able to do an in-person session. I strongly recommend her to anyone who wants to boost their English fluency. Quotes

Quotes I have been in the United States for 3 years. And a friendship between Jennifer and me has been for almost 3 years. When I came here first, I had a big trouble because of speaking English; I couldn't make friends and I had no confidence in being familiar with new life. When I went through difficulties, I met Jennifer who has been a volunteer instructor to improve English skills for non-English speaker at San Ramon library. She has long experience as Speech/Language Pathologist working with hundreds of adults and children with different communication difficulties. She is truly passionate and active about her job; moreover she is earnest in her desire to help those who want improve communication skills and has become a friend with all her heart. I ran into good luck when I met her in my life. Now, I study Economics at DVC to come true my dream and have made many friend due to studying English with her. She is my English instructor and is my true friend and a mentor in my life. Quotes
Eu Jeong Kang

Quotes I was fortunate to get Jennifer's help when I needed to create an essay for a graduate studies appllication. Being non-native speaker I wanted my work to sound more natural and smooth. Jennifer edited not only my grammar mistakes, but also gave invaluable advice how to rephrase my thoughts in order to make them more understandable for native speakers. So, my work would be just a shadow of itself without Jennifer's help. Quotes
Irene B.