The Talk of the Town* Tutor
*to be the person or subject that everyone is talking about and interested in

Talk of the Town Tutor

  Improve your communication skills...improve your confidence

Be able to speak confidently with people you meet on the street.

Be able to speak confidently with people at school.

Be able to speak confidently with friends.

Be able to speak confidently with people at work.

Be able to speak confidently at a restaurant.

Be able to speak confidently at a party.

If you have come to this webpage, it is likely that you are someone who takes an active role in improving your communication skills. I commend you for that. Whatever your current level is, you should feel empowered by knowing you are improving your quality of life when you improve your ability to speak English.

I find communication fascinating and I know firsthand, that working with people to improve their communication skills is rewarding for both teacher and student. I know this because I worked for 18 years as a Speech/Language Pathologist helping hundreds of adults and children with different communication difficulties.

I am truly passionate about what I do, and it is because of that passion that I offer individual and group tutoring. 

Individual Sessions

A student can focus on his or her own individual goals in a 60- or 90-minute session.

Lesson plans and homework are designed specifically to address the student's goals.

Semi-Private Groups
(only 2 people to a group)

If you want a small group experience, this is for you.

By keeping the group size to 2, it makes an affordable option to individualized help.

You can choose the "partner" or I will match you up with a client with similar skill level.

Group Sessions

Group sessions are for people who already speak some English, and want to improve their conversation, grammar, understanding, pronunciation, and/or accent. 

I currently have one evening group and one morning group.

  • Tuesday evening
  • Friday morning

Groups are added as needed. The dates and times of the groups vary according to the schedules of the participants; if these times don't work, the potential client should contact me with a request.

  Having fun in conversation group

Improving your communication effectiveness increases your confidence. 

With practice, you too, can speak more confidently!

“Talk to you later!”

Jennifer,  The Talk of the Town Tutor